Summer Break

In a traditional brick and mortar school, it has become established that there is a summer break. Now with homeschooling, it becomes your choice whether to have a summer break or not. Many homeschoolers view every day as a learning experience – this does not necessarily include curriculum. With the great weather we have been enjoying swimming lessons, hiking, biking and many other warm weather learning opportunities. Our kids read and write every day because they enjoy it. And we take advantage of our non-travel times to do our curriculum program with Progress Academy. We have the flexibility to look at the whole year and plan our studies accordingly. Some people do take a summer break in their homeschooling families. It really just depends on your lifestyle, goals and individual family choices. I talked with a mom the other day who said it’s only July and her daughters getting bored – so she was starting into her curriculum right now. Of course it is perfectly legal to homeschool all year round – even though your particular state may require notifications, assessments, and such on a traditional school schedule. So, enjoy your ability to choose and enjoy your summer however works best for your whole family!

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