Summer Special Pricing

For the price of a cup of coffee, approximately $2.73 per day, you can educate your child from the comfort of your own home with an excellent traditional curriculum written to meet the CORE National Standards for learning. Is this homeschooling? Yes. Do you have to create everything, write the curriculum, come up with worksheets, figure out what to teach for Math, and make sure your child is learning at the level you want them to, No! We have taken the work out of it for you and created an online curriculum program ready to use here at Progress Academy.


Online learning is growing by about 12% per year, most colleges and universities are offering online courses. Many high schools in America are requiring online courses to keep their students competitive and prepared for higher education. The Study “Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011” reports that more than 6.1 million students took at least one online class during Fall 2010 – a 10.1 percent increase over the year before.


Summer Special Pricing Ends Soon!  Last chance, discount expires August 20, 2012

Single Payment (Best Savings)    $940

Monthly Installments                   $95 down   and 11 monthly payments of $85

Quarterly Installments                 $295 down and 3 quarterly payments of $232

Additional child discount of 10%

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  1. Dayon Valdez says:

    We are Interested in the monthly installment summer special pricing offer.

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