Our program includes lessons, activities and projects that encourage students to explore a variety of learning environments. We offer a complete Kindergarten through High School graduation program that meets a variety of needs and learning styles. Please call us at 1-866-516-2404 for our monthly payment plan information! Get started for as little as !

Annual Subscription Payment Options*

Single Payment Quarterly Payment Monthly Payment
Total $995.00 $1081.00 $1,140.00
Discounts Save $145.00 Save $59.00 Full Pay
Tuition $995.00 $1081.00 $1,140.00
Initial Payment $995.00 $295.00 $95.00
Installment Payments $262.00 (x3) $95.00 (x11)

*Please contact us for additional child discounts

*We offer military discounts

What’s Included

  1. What grades are available?


  2. Transcripts?

    Yes, we prepare one transcript per year for each student in partnership with the parent.

  3. Help with homeschool compliance?

    Yes, we can assist with information to help you comply with your local homeschooling laws.

  4. Can my child change course levels during the year?

    Our Program is versatile, we have the ability to modify to accommodate parent-specific changes in curriculum

  5. How will the work be evaluated?

    Your student’s customized account includes automated tests and quizzes with the scores accounted for in their own electronic gradebook. The parent also has a customized account which includes answer keys to evaluate work.

  6. What does the subscription include?

    A complete, full course of study utilizing eBooks, thousands of interactive videos, many educational partnerships, online tools – all written by certified teachers to meet the CORE national standards for education.

  7. Is High School more expensive?

    Each annual subscription, single pay is $995 regardless of grade level.

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